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Your tax deductible donation today can help our partners on the ground in Romania deliver food, comfort, and hope to women and children who have fled the war in Ukraine.

For nearly 30 years, Global Action International has worked to improve the lives of children and their families. We work directly with local churches, orphanages, and ministries, ensuring that your donations are used effectively and efficiently to reach the most disadvantaged children.

Despite remarkable challenges around the world, Global Action International and its partners share God's love by providing help and hope for people seeking a better life for their children, including an opportunity to learn, nourishing food, and protection from disaster and conflicts. 

When you give to Global Action International, 95% of every dollar goes directly to support children, families, and communities. This ranks us in the top 1% of charities for cost effectiveness.

Because of you, they have lifesaving food, shelter, and medicine.

Because of you, they have education.

Because of you, they have hope!

Countries across the continent are grappling with hunger, conflict, and poverty. Through our emergency relief, health and nutrition, education and protection programs, Global Action International is working to transform the lives of Africa's children in South Sudan, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, and more.

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Countries throughout the region are tackling major social, economic and environmental issues, including a huge gap between the wealthy and those living in poverty. We provide robust health and nutrition benefits to orphans and children from the most marginalized and disadvantaged communities and we help children start and stay in school. 

This region of the world has long been plagued by violence and drug trafficking, in addition to political, economic and social concerns, driving many to cross the U.S. border in search of a better, safer life. That’s why we’re hard at work for children – including those at risk in Mexico and Guatemala.

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