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Children's Christian Lifeline,
Hunger & Medical Relief

has partnered with ------

GHANA, WEST AFRICA -- Star of Hope Medical Clinic
Global Action International has given HOPE to many in Ghana by partnering with Star of Hope Medical Center.  The donors of Global Action international provided supplies to build and furnish the Star of Hope Medical Center.  (see more)

NIGERIA, WEST AFRICA -- Okuenyi Village Orphanage, School and Destiny Center
Global Action International helped in the building that will care for the neglected, abandoned, abused orphans & give education to the orphans and children from village around the area who do not have means of education.  This was the first year of students who graduated from Preschool & Kindergarten.  Next year higher grades will be added.
SOUTH SUDAN --Stop Poverty Program
Stop Poverty Program which helps women of SouthSudan become self-sufficient is now part of the refugee program.  Due to   unrest in the newly formed country of South Sudan many have fled to Uganda, which is now one of the largest refugee camps in the world.  We want to continue to help them purchase chickens & goats to raise for reproduction; ground nut seed for planting & tie dying cloth for sale helps these women reap the harvest of what they have produced and provide for themselves & their families as well as sell in the market place.  (see more)
UGANDA -- Reachout Village Orphanage, School & Medical Clinic.
Global Action International dba Children's Christian Lifeline, Hunger & Medical Relief supplies food, clothing, shelter & medical care to the 100 orphans at Reachout Village Orphanage in Kampala Uganda.   A full sponsorship for each child is $50.00 per month. (see more)